Welcome to WinMX Group!

Winmxgroup .com & .net has now been taken over by the MXPie team at winmx4u.com.
We have added the winmxgroup.com domains and sub domains to our own DNS, therefore reconnecting some of the programs that had been produced by Winmxgroup.

As a consequence of this,most of the Winmxgroup versions of WinMX can once again connect, provided they contained the Winmxgroup domain and sub domains. This is great news if you’re an old WinMX user who hasn’t used WinMX in years, and decides to re use an old version of WinMX that's been saved on a hard drive somewhere. However, this is not the patch that we recommend for WinMX!

If your using an old patch for WinMX then please update to the latest patch for WinMX, the MXPie Patch United v1.0 or the WinMX Community Patch v1.0. Both are the same patch, just different brands. - CLICK HERE TO UPDATE!